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Ebonie uses her research, thought-leadership, and expertise on black philanthropy to serve as a bridge connecting civically engaged black professionals with foundations and nonprofit organizations. Undoubtedly, Ebonie has a perspective on nonprofits, philanthropy, and millennials - particularly black millennials, unlike anyone

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August 25, 2014

Headline News
Ferguson unrest from a millennial's perspective
The shooting death of 18-year-oldMichael Brown outraged many people across the country, especially millennials.  They made sure their voices were heard online and on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Social media played a big part in spreading this story quickly.

Social media strategist Ebonie Johnson Cooper discusses the online reaction to the case. (HLN)

Panelist on: Philanthropy +SocialGood: The Future of Philanthropy @ UN Foundation

An excerpt from The Young Black & Giving Back:

How to Engage African-American Millennials in Board Leadership @ the Board Source Leadership Forum

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